This letter comes from Bonnie Jeanne of, a really neat endeavor worth checking out. She spent quite some time putting this together — both address labels on the envelope are die-cuts, with an extra one around my info. It’s all on top of a photograph that’s attached to the envelope. Once I opened it, it took a moment for me to “get” the image on the card; the two funny creatures, the gift and the door are actually little chalk drawings. But I will let Bonnie Jeanne fill you in on all the details:

Dear Sarah,

You asked blog readers to send you mail on favorite stationery. I was introduced to this artist when I visited Ann Arbor, Michigan, in July. I was there to hear author Neil Gaiman, but ended up falling in love with the city and David Zinn’s underground critters. I just wish the cardstock weren’t so slippery! My fountain pens don’t like it.

I write about 50 pieces of personal mail every week. The rubber stamp company, 100 Proof Press, even made a stamp with the phrase, “My stationery is never stationary” after I used it on their Facebook page. They also made a stamp of another favorite expression I made up: inked mail, not linked mail!

The photo on the envelope is not one I took. It was in a letter a long while ago. The sender didn’t write her/his name on back. I always wish people would document the little bits they send me because I sometimes forget.

This pen is a sailor candy, fine nib, with Noodler’s Tulip Noire ink. The ink I started with is Pilot Yama-Budo, but it ran out right away. I like it better.

Postally yours,

Bonnie Jeanne

Thank you so much for writing, Bonnie! I love how David Zinn captured that moment when you want to peek & hide at the same time. A limited-edition Luscious Verde 4-pack is on its way to you.

Please keep those letters coming! Each & every one is so special. Here again is the address: The Paper Chronicles, P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

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