As soon as I saw this robin’s egg blue envelope and its swirly golden calligraphy, I knew this letter was going to be special — and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s from Bailey Rivera of Antiquaria, an Austin, Texas, design studio & vintage gift registry. Bailey and Antiquaria partner Emma James are purveyors of letterpressed invitations and custom stamps, as well as vintage housewares. But, that seems almost too simple a definition for what they do — the entire website is just a gorgeous little world in which to get happily lost. I definitely had never seen the gorgeous magazine Bailey and Antiquaria partner Emma James put out, The Antiquarian Post,  but I’m now probably their biggest fan. I can’t wait for their next issue!

The two met when Emma hired Bailey to do the calligraphy for her wedding invitation; and judging from Bailey’s envelope, it’s obvious why. Every element you see was designed by Antiquaria. My only regret is that the envelope got a bit beat up in transit, and that I couldn’t get a decent photograph of the lovely orange patterned liner hiding inside. I’ve always been partial to correspondence cards, to me they feel so much more straightforward and succinct than their folded counterparts. The best designs frame brief messages ever so nicely, making an off-the-cuff missive a little piece of art in and of itself. This one certainly is! It reads:

Hi Sarah!

What a brilliant campaign. Hooray for snail mail. Loving The Paper Chronicles so far … can’t wait to read more!

xoxo Bailey Rivera

Thank you so much for reaching out, Bailey, and sharing a little sample of your exquisite line. I am truly smitten if you can’t tell! A four-pack of limited-edition Luscious Verde creations are on their way to you.


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