I wish I could insert some exposition about what I was doing the day I got this very lovely missive, but unfortunately … I got nothing. My only excuse is that since the day I picked up this butterfly-stamped missive from my post office box, I’ve had two very intense experiences: first, 3 1/2 dizzying days at DisneyWorld, followed immediately upon my return home by a completely crashed computer. All this as the Stationery Trends winter issue was going into production. These high highs and low lows have apparently led to my memory being completely erased.

There is at least a partially happy ending to this sad tale: While there is no IT department capable of fixing my memory, my computer has been backed up and is pretty much back to the status quo. At any rate, enough about my recent misadventures. This gem comes from none other than Up With Paper‘s George White, who you may remember as a Five Questions subject just over a month back. He writes:


Thanks for your letter-writing campaign — and all you do to support our industry.

Our everyday Pop-Up Snow Glob Greetings are my current favorite stationery — they are just a lot of fun, and make a fabulous display.

Happy Holidays, and see you in the New Year!

George White

Thanks so much for sending this in, George — and for making such great stationery to write about. I love how the design of your chic note plays off the card. Obviously George is just as polished in writing as he is in person!

You can find this Springtime Bouquet Snow Globe as well as other designs from the collection here. If you click on the one you like, there’s info on finding it locally or online.

Finally, please do your part to keep letter-writing alive! It’s really simple: Send me a letter on your favorite stationery, and tell me what makes it so. Here’s the TPC address: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. I will photograph & share your letter in a post — and then send you some great stationery (as well as thank-you note) for your efforts.


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