I’m so happy to be able to share this gem I got about a week-and-a-half back, from Sarah Skarda of Shortpockets in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Sarah’s line is truly lovely, colorful and sweet, with cards paired with Kraft envelopes and tied with raffia. You can see her Etsy shop here.

Sarah’s response is actually a postcard in an (Kraft) envelope, but what a lovely specimen indeed, a retro reproduction of an idyllic Central Park design from Galison.

It reads:

Dear Sarah,

When I worked at Kate’s Paperie in NYC, I would buy any NYC-themed cards I could find. I have a huge stack of these postcards by Galison that I NEVER send to anyone because I love reminiscing about my years when I lived there! Perhaps I should send them to loved ones … or just keep staring at them!

~Sarah Skarda

I echo the sentiment — as a former NYer, reminiscing about the city is a chronic pastime. And I can see why Sarah would hoard these — they are truly lovely. I have a stash of vintage postcards myself (I put one of the Flatiron Building in the image below). Unfortunately the Galison postcards themselves are indeed out of print, but the company offers something similar, the World Traveler Perpetual Calendar, for $10.99.

Sarah will be getting a four-pack of Luscious Verde’s limited edition note quartets for her efforts. Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah!


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