It was appropriately enough pouring rain the day I picked up this palm-sized missive from my post office box. As soon as I saw the London address on the back, I knew who it was from (plus I recognized the handwriting): none other than Jason Arbuckle of J. Falkner, who is on a London research trip. This makes this little card the first international response in my letter-writing campaign, as well as the first sent from vacation — all of which makes me beyond thrilled!

TPC readers may recall Jason as my first Five Questions subject (he actually suggested some of the questions, which I continue to use on other subjects), and he is also responsible for the TPC logo (Jason designed it after I vaguely asked for “something deco,” which tells me he knew what I wanted even before I did), not to mention endless enthusiasm and feedback. This little corner of the Internet would certainly not be the same without him.

The adorable card itself hollers London to me. You can almost feel the damp. I love how the phone booth is broken down into graphic checks, and how the “hello” is weathered. It is letterpressed, and you can learn more about the vendor, Archivist Press, here. British design is so refreshing!

The card reads,


The world of stationery is so lucky to have your blog added to its list of champions. Long live the Paper Chronicles!

All best, Jason

That sounds like a rallying cry if there ever was one, sent from across the Atlantic no less! Cheerio Jason, you are such a dear as always — and I WILL get a Luscious Verde note quartet to you, even if I have to deliver it personally!


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