My next response arrived that same rainy Saturday & comes from more wonderful industry friends of mine. I didn’t recognize the hand-writing, but the Morrisville, North Carolina, address had a familiar ring to it. Morrisville, Morrisville, who do I know in Morrisville, I thought as I drove.

Usually I bring a letter opener to the post office with me to avoid just such suspense, but I didn’t remember to bring it, as I was scurrying around to get my seven-year-old daughter and two of her friends to a Rainbow Loom meet-up (who knew such a thing existed?).

Once all the rainbow-tinted excitement of the day died down, I was finally able to open the square envelope (which should have been a hint). The first thing I saw was the card’s colorful front, and that immediately solved the mystery. It is from the incredibly talented and stylish Julie Schaffroth of Vanilla Print (also available on Shutterfly), and her VP of sales and operations, Justin Ley.

In addition to designing her amazing line and offering several other design services, Julie is the brilliant mind behind my family’s three last New Year’s cards (which I plan to share more about at some point). Julie and I have had so much fun creating them, and both she and Justin are just plain great company. I so enjoyed just laughing about our daughters and life last May as we watched the sun go down behind the Statue of Liberty at last year’s NSS opening night party at Battery Gardens.

The “hello gorgeous” card front is a mishmash of lovely fonts with Pucci-like graphics in a bright palette. It is so Julie’s polished yet freewheeling look — and I love how the little heart she drew on the envelope matches the card. The inside reads, “Sarah, thank you for being such an inspiration in the stationery world. I can’t imagine this industry without you! Your blog is amazing, and so is your friendship.

Much love & gratitude, Julie & Justin

All I have to say is, so much flattery in one day is going to my head. But I can’t lie, I’ll take it — though the honor is all mine to be able to promote letter-writing, card-sending and invitation-using.

I wasn’t even familiar with this fabulous Modern Posh design, and you can see other exquisite ones here. Julie, thank you SO much for brightening a rainy day — a Luscious Verde note quartet is on its way to brighten yours.

I would be remiss to not close with an invitation to any & all of my blog readers to write me. I love getting letters from new friends too! Please send missives my way at: The Paper Chronicles, Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.


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