My latest missive arrived in a box too big for my post office box, and since I tend to stop by to check it when the post office is closed, it took a week or so for me to actually pick it up. The suspense was killing me — but it was worth it, since when I got it, the box was certainly full of goodies!


The beautifully foiled ladybug card inside reads:

Dear Sarah,

The Paper Chronicles is our first read each morning, and we subscribe to Stationery Trends Magazine. At Reyn Paper Co we love all things paper, letterpressed, embossed, debossed and gold-foiled. We would love to donate stationery to your letter-writing campaign. We are already preparing for our NSS debut in 2015 and hope to see you there.

Sincerely, Kristen, Pam & Jessica

Wow! Nothing makes my day more than finding a new paper company — and I can’t wait to meet you all & see your work in person at next year’s NSS, it’s hard to believe it’s already upon us!

Thank you so much Kristen, Pam & Jessica for sending three boxes of gorgeous stationery to my readers. The Lucky Collection has these four foiled cards, with some of the designs carrying over to the back. All are domestically printed in Atlanta. I love the idea of sending them to anyone who can use a little luck.



ReynPaperCo_Clover ReynPaperCo_Cookie ReynPaperCo_Ladybug


The Nantucket Pattern Collection is a really dashing nautical assemblage with two of each of these designs. I love the foil touches & the garnet envelopes next to navy blue!


ReynPaperCo_NantucketPatternSet ReynPaperCo_AnchorPattern ReynPaperCo_HelmPattern ReynPaperCo_ShellPattern

And the Veggie Dots Collection —”for the agrarian who doesn’t want dirty hands” — features debossed dots surrounding the succulent veggies.

ReynPaperCo_VeggieDotsSet ReynPaperCo_Beet ReynPaperCo_CarrotYum ReynPaperCo_Cauliflower ReynPaperCo_Radish

Wow! These are great — I can’t thank you ladies enough for your generosity. In the spirit of beautiful produce, I think these Farmer’s Market designs from Pennie Post are perfect for you.

Pennie Post is a new monthly service named for those first introduced in London in about 1680, when letters could be sent anywhere in the city for just a penny. Subscribers who use this service receive at least three stationery items in each mailing. $11 is a very fair price, and you can try the service for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Thanks so much Lindsey for donating these!


postcard_trio cabbage radish

Do you want some free stationery swag? Then send me a letter, card or postcard on your favorite paper (which is most likely gathering dust) and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

I will share it here, and then send you even more stationery for your efforts. And to anyone else who is interested in donating, please reach out — I definitely want to hear from you too!ReynPaperCo_AnchorPattern_Back


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