Part of the fun of TPC’s Letter-Writing Campaign is that I never know what’s going to show up next. Correspondence usually finds its way to me via my post office box — but sometimes it arrives in my in-box as well. The first batch of goodies arrived the traditional way, and contains a letter and cards from Visual Treats‘ Joni Ulman Lewis.IMG_7460

It reads:

Hey Sarah- Enclosed you’ll find some cards you can use as give-aways for your letter-writing project. A few years back, I ‘knocked myself off’ and printed some of my handmade cards — these are the result. Enjoy, Joni

P.S. Missed seeing you at NSS — I’m sure you were a busy little bee. Lotso cards to see!

I’m so sorry to have missed you, Joni, but I love these cards! They are flat-printed and mimic the actual hand-stitching on Joni’s other designs. They are also a scream; the inside captions read (from upper left, e.g., the lady on the car hood): Trophy Wife; Praise the Lard; The Other White Meat; Maybe ‘Open Bar’ wasn’t the best idea; and finally, The Mother’s March against grown children returning home to live after graduation.  IMG_7461

Thanks so much for sending these, Joni — and I’ve got a real treat for you. A while back (via email) I learned about Pennie Post, a new monthly service named for those first introduced in London in about 1680, when letters could be sent anywhere in the city for just a penny. Subscribers who use this service receive at least three stationery items in each mailing.

Lindsey sent me her adorable “Seeing Stripes” mailing that included three gorgeous cards plus a gift enclosure. The designs are lovely and the paper has a really nice thickness to it. $11 is a very fair price, and you can try the service for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Joni will be getting the super-cute Farmer’s Market collection — packed with a healthy supply of five bountiful designs, as will two more future letter-writing campaign correspondents. Thanks so much Lindsey!cabbage postcard_trio radish

Do you want some free stationery swag? Then send me a letter, card or postcard on your favorite paper and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

I will share it here, and then send you even more stationery for your efforts. And to anyone else who is interested in donating, please reach out — I definitely want to hear from you too!


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