I had a really hard time picking the last letter for this giveaway —in my opinion, every letter I get deserves a big box of swag. Even if they don’t win the write_on grand prize, however, I will be featuring each and every one at some point — and everyone will get some goodies.

With that said, I really found this note a real blast from the past. It reads: Sarah, Greetings from Portland Oregon! This time of year is so inspiring, with all the cherries trees and bulbs blooming, and of course … write_on! So far I’ve managed to keep up on my letter-writing.

The stationery I present to you is special to me and rarely sees the light of day. I used baby-sitting money to purchase this stationery waaaay back in the late 80s from a Waldenbooks store in Florida. It’s a Paper Moon Graphics product, which were things normally too racy for me at the time, but so popular. This set only comes out for special occasions and people, sometimes just for setting it free into the world. I like the thought of someone else feeling this way about a writing set today. My son is 6 years old and determined to teach himself how to write in cursive when he discovered they don’t teach it in school anymore. I like to think there are other kids like him to continue the tradition of writing and correspondence. ???? ShannonIMG_9415 copyP.S.! One last thing — If I don’t get picked as a winner of the goodies, I’d like to be considered as a sponsor! I’m a printmaker who uses linocuts and old letterpress cuts to create my line of prints and greeting cards. I’ve included a sample! My latest line is of zodiac signs.IMG_9416 copyThank you so much for writing in, Shannon! I well remember the days when Paper Moon Graphics dominated the stationery scene — I wanted every single letter set they made for myself — and I can see why John, Paul, Ringo & George only come out on special occasions! I love your work at Loaded Hips Press. I am glad your 6-year-old will learn cursive on his own — our district fortunately still teaches it, and nothing fills me with joy more than seeing my daughter’s signature in cursive. (She wrote it in blue chalk in our driveway last weekend and it was a little sad when the rain washed it away.)

So, I will take you up on both your offers! First, the swag: this deluxe grouping will be headed to Portland very soon, courtesy of Egg Press, Hello!Lucky and of course Write_On.Untitled 2 copy 2rWhile this is the last set, anyone can write me anytime for some free, fabulous stationery. Just use your favorite stationery (which is most likely gathering dust) and tell me what makes it so. As I mentioned, I have a stack of letters I’ve received from kind readers this month that I’ll post in the coming weeks and months and send stationery to, hopefully from Loaded Hips Press too! My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. And if you’re interested in being a sponsor, I’d love to hear from you too!

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