Knock Knock just unveiled a really fun Dress Your Desk campaign, the underlying idea being the better your workspace, the better your output. And of course, nothing keeps the gray cells functioning like a little snarky wit — and no one brings this concept to life quite like Knock Knock!

Personally, I am a pad girl. I don’t think I could keep track of everything I need to get done without all my lists. Writing my to-dos down makes them seem more manageable and tends to remind me of what I’ve forgotten to include — and there is nothing so satisfying to me as crossing something off (sometimes really blacking it out if it was particularly unsavory).

So when Knock Knock asked me what I’d like to review & give away, it was a no-brainer … and before the week was out, a big box ‘o pads hit my doorstep. Each is subtly suited to different kinds of task tacklers.

First up is the To Do Pad, as classic, flexible and comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Responsibilities are broken down into tasks, errands, correspondence and notes — and there is a nifty spot to check everything off as you go. You can even organize yourself further by breaking up the lists by topic fields up top. 6″x9,” 60 sheets, $7.


The Random Notes Pad is just that, replete with lines, dots and blank spaces. Both practical and purposeless, it’s suited to whatever, whenever (as well as not-so-random tasks). This one is not available until 10/11, but you can be the among the first one to use this baby by commenting below (more about that momentarily). 6″x9,” 60 sheets, $7.


Next up we’ve got another classic, the All Out Of Pad. This one for me is ultra-functional, since the groupings of groceries (e.g. fruits, breads, etc.) keep you from having to circle back to the area of the store you just left (I hate that!). It’s not hard to see why Knock Knock has sold a million of these! 6″x9,” 60 sheets, with a magnet on back. Also in blue and pink.


If you have a mouse, I can personally attest that the 5 Days A Week Mousepad is great for getting a handle on your week during conference calls — or keeping you producing while fighting off a bout of writer’s block. There’s spaces for “this weekend,” “next week,” plus “snowball in hell” — and you can check off your progress as you traverse the week (after today, I will be checking “hump surmounted!”). Plus you can fill out your “hopes for the week” beforehand, and then see if your results match up when the week is done. Don’t worry, every week is a fresh sheet! 9.5″x8,” 60 sheets, $10.


Having a bad day? Then the Utter Crap 3-Way Pad may be just what you need! Measuring 3.5″x8″, you can fill each of the three sections beneath the acetate cover with “crap,” more “crap,” or “utter crap.” It’s all about perception, I suppose! $7.


Finally, this Seriously 3-Way Pad takes the pad down — to 3.25″x 5.5″ — and is divided in sections depending on what it is that needs doing. Just lift the acetate cover and add what you like to either “seriously?,” “seriously!?” or “seriously.” Seriously, it’s just 5 bucks!





Now, here’s how to win one of these slick babies for yourself — as long as you are U.S. resident, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.  Just comment below which is your favorite — and what it is you always forget! Then Knock Knock will send you a pad gratis!  You have until the end of the day Monday, 5 pm EST.

Once your desk is photo-worthy, Knock Knock is asking fans to share their desk pics with them. They’ll be posting  a “Featured Desk of the Week” on the Knock Knock blog and their social channels. To get in on the fun, just tag Knock Knock on FB, Twitter, or Instagram and use the hashtag #DressYourDesk.


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