It’s that time of year again, and a.favorite design has a slew of posh goods to get you through the season unharried, without a hair out of place! First up, the jaunty Holiday Helper keeps you on top of things well into the new year. Keep your agendas, shopping lists, card lists, tip list & all seasonal miscellanea organized in your pocket. Handy columns allow you to either check items off or write to-do dates to track tipping, card mailings and gift giving. It’s pocket-sized at 3.5” x 5,” 32 pages and offset printed in the U.S with a 2-color chipboard cover. It includes a red rubber closure to tuck in additional papers and hold it all securely. So, if you’ve been procrastinating (like me), it’s still not too late to get your act together, and all for just $8!

a. favorite has also introduced a slew of adorably clever letterpress cards — it can’t hurt to pick up a few to round out your order! They start at $5 a pop, with packs of 6 available.

ho-legal ho-fig1 ho-holly ho-nog ho-plaidIf you’re lucky enough to live in California, Chicago, Evanston, New york, San Francisco or Portland, the below design is the card for you. Shop all these holiday favorites here!

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