Here’s a new National Stationery Show exhibitor with a product line that plays on something that’s happened to us all, usually to our own detriment: that pesky autocorrect!

Auto Incorrect is the perfect range for those struggling to make the transition from digital to paper — and definitely lives up to its tagline’s promise to “improve your textual intercourse.”

Here’s a peek at offerings from this first-time exhibitor:


Inside: Your accomplishments are unimpeachable.

AGCFD_00096Inside: I am always full of awe for you, even when I can’t spell it. Happy Father’s Day!


Inside: Sorry you’re having a devil of a time.AGCHB_00020

Inside: I hope you have a dairy nice birthday. AGCHH_00103

Inside: Wishing you a 2016 filled with joy. And beer. But less crap.AGCLF_00042

Inside: Be careful. I’m a quack shot.AGCVD_00079

Inside: Stinking of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Admittedly, I’m a little more than partial to Auto Incorrect as it operates right out of my lovely hometown: Shaker Heights, Ohio!

Shop all the cards here — and be sure to swing by NSS Booth 2732 to see it in person!


Inside: I can misspell “fish” with either hand. Does that make me amphibious? Happy Mother’s Day!

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