Great destinations on stationery have been all the rage for some time — you know, New York, San Francisco, Miami … any place with high rents and a burgeoning tourist industry is fair game for art prints, folded notes and the like. On the tails of that is the whole state trend … these days I can’t leave my house without seeing someone in an Ohio T-shirt; in fact, here in Cleveland, these seem to be slowly supplanting those for the Cavaliers and the Indians. From a design perspective, however, the quality ranges from fairly dismal to downright frightening — the focus is on cashing in, and quickly.

However, small towns off the beaten track — as well as pretty much any spot on earth — are finally getting some love from The Witty Gritty Paper Co‘s Home Sweet Notes. These A2 cards can have any city, street or state printed in the color or colors of your choosing. Thankfully, there’s nothing small-town about the design here, their creator Meredith told me. “I came up with the idea when I realized that so many of the local products available to me to show off my Buffalo love were kind of tacky and impersonal. You know the type, think airport gift shop vibes. And there wasn’t even anything available to me to express my Tonawanda, New York, love.”

The look is 100% customized to your liking. Choose from 16 very well-named and lovely colors, and up to four shades for an ombré look. Or you can go contrasty — totally your call!
 With these options, any dot on the map gets a stylish makeover, no local beautification program required!
This is launching wholesale today — so hit up one of Witty Gritty’s stockists and tell them you want to order these, stat! Or visit your favorite local paperie and share this stock tip … they’ll be sure to appreciate it. Or, just cool your heels until September 8, when they’re available direct to consumer.

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