Throughout history, no one has every said that their pen and paper have crashed, and that they had to send them off to be repaired in the hopes of getting all their work back intact and being able to work without incident. That has been my unfortunate situation for quite some time now (I had the first of many computer crashes the Sunday after Thanksgiving), and combined with my daughter being off of school for winter break, I obviously haven’t been blogging very much. With any luck, by the first full week of the New Year I’ll have my old computer back, restored to its former glory, and be blogging regularly again.

Meanwhile, my old laptop, despite being frighteningly out of date (as again, one’s stationery never can be — after all, there are still people amongst whom ornamental penmanship, which peaked from 1850 to 1925, is all the rage) is bravely holding up so that I may share a few more lovely holiday cards I’ve received these past few weeks.

First, I adore this holiday card from Lydia & Pugs. As soon as I saw the jaunty red envelope hand-painted in white, I knew it would be special. I bought my holiday stamps too late and missed out on the gingerbread house design, which looks so perfect here. The card itself is wonderful as well, from the postcard configuration to the adorable drawing, to the distinguished font choice, to the space for a quick note.lydiaandpugsThis wee treasure is from Wiley Valentine. I always look forward to their card, and this one did not disappoint. Letterpressed in silver on a chalkboard-black card, it is as lovely to behold as the message is uplifting. Amazing craftsmanship as always!anothercardHere is a Christmas design from PaperFreckles. I love both scripts on the envelope and the card inside, and how on the card it’s mixed with a simple font on the cute banner. Of course the gingerbread house stamp looks lovely — and I love knowing precisely where the tidings are coming from, something of a trend this year.paperfreckles

The last two were sent to my post office box, so I’m considering them part of my letter-writing campaign. As such, I’ll be sending both a Luscious Verde note quartet. The “happiest of holidays” design is from Happy Cactus Designs. The clean color palette is so refreshing, the greeting and snowflakes add a sweet note — and the engaging font mix is the icing on the cake.
photo2Last up we have this foiled creation from Crow & Canary, done in collaboration with carolyn suzuki goods. I love that it features an actual crow as well as a canary, and the hand-written message inside from Carina of Crow & Canary was so kind. I am thrilled that Carina, whose blog I so adore, has been reading & enjoying this one!photo3

I can’t end any mention of my letter-writing campaign without inviting TPC readers to send me a letter on your favorite stationery. Tell me why you love it so. In return I will share it here & send you some stationery for your efforts. I already have two new sponsors lined up for 2014, and it is a great way to promote your own designs or those from your favorite stationer. Send your letter to: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

Finally, thank you to all my readers, and to everyone who took the time to send me their beautiful work and good tidings this holiday season. Every page view and every card means so much to me, and this year they really kept me inspired & toiling away with a smile during a frustrating time. I wish you all a most peaceful & prosperous 2014!

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