As tangy and fresh as the orange it’s propped with, the dazzling Parker suite from Hello Tenfold was designed with a summer picnic wedding in mind. I love the color palette, the jaunty plaid and the overlapping colors — in short, there’s nothing flat about this flat-printed suite!


“I wanted the invitation to be simple and modern, with fun pops of color and pattern throughout the rest,” designer Ellie Snow, who has been designing invitations for about six years now and also blogs at the exquisite Mint, told me. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that this is the first time she’s released a large group of designs at once!


Ellie’s favorite element is the invitation — a simple white band with blue twine and a blue wax seal — although the circular save the date card is close behind!



Photography: Lissa Gotwals

Styling: Michelle Smith

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