My anglophile tendencies have been in high gear this week as the U.S. has hosted Prince William and Kate Middleton, currently the reigning queen of side eye — but British stationery design is always so intriguing, and Big Jon is part of the reason why!

Check out their ultra-mod Cracking Jokes, Based off traditional U.K. Christmas crackers, those bursting backgrounds are really fun!


These Splendid Balls are just that — these bright, bold graphic ornaments have a definite Scandinavian vibe.


And Mirror Mirror Christmas, a pretty patterned collection, lives up to its website description and is indeed richer than a Russian oligarch’s Christmas pudding.


Big Jon is having a big ‘ol sale, it’s totes ridic in fact: 50% off of five cards or more with the code BIGJONSALE. Shipping to the US via The Royal Mail is £3.50 (about $5.50) per every four cards. The 50% off discount wipes that shipping charge out and still takes some more off the top, so it’s equivalent to free shipping + a little discount. 

These make great gifts, or you can stock up for next year — although the Royal Mail is pretty fast. Big Jon’s Portland contact told me that every time he’s sent something to her, she’s gotten it in 2-3 days. To be on the safe side however, allow 7-10 days for delivery. There’s a lot of everyday great design packed into Big Jon’s site as well — it’s definitely worth taking a look around!

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