Today, President’s Day, is not actually Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, but for me, President’s Day is always all about Abe. To me his legacy becomes that much more precious with each obstacle America faces. If he wasn’t my favorite president before I learned that he recommended writing (and then destroying) a letter to anyone you are struggling with, Honest Abe certainly became so after.

Maybe it is his integrity (or perhaps it’s just the beard?) that makes him remain such a compelling icon in gifts & stationery. Regardless, I’m sure he’d appreciate the humor of these selections.

First up is this stainless steel flask from Spitfire Girl. Featuring a rustic printed wood exterior label, it’s accompanied by a coordinating muslim bag for that unmistakable touch of pioneer panache. $29.

lincoln copy

Next up is this ceramic Lincoln Log House tray from Fishs Eddy, no assembly required. $26.95, Fishs Eddy not only features lots of presidential iconography on tabletop — their Obama Birth Certificate Tray is nothing short of brilliant — but their patterns and designer collections make this a line to covet. If you are interested in carrying it in your store, reach out to Aesthetic MovementLincoln Logs Tray

Finally we have this little-known but rather compelling fact about our 16th president, presented in letterpress no less. This mini-card from Constellation & Co. is business-card sized, with room for a message on back. $3.


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