You never really know what an election day holds, especially when you live in a swing state like Ohio, as I do. Last year, my county — Cuyahoga — held up the results of the entire presidential election (sorry about that!), and this year my community — Beachwood — is in the midst of a very divisive and vitriolic mayoral race. I can barely wait until tonight to see how it turns out! I’ll be glad, too, when all it’s over one way or another, and the lawn signs start coming down.

Both designs I’m showing come again from La Familia Green. Mollie made the fabulous swing state illustration as a special order for an Ohio retailer, while the blue state greetings card is available here for $3.50. Mollie doesn’t make a red state card — but I’m sure there’s some enterprising designer who does, should you be on the hunt for one!

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