Now, don’t get me wrong —Engage!15 was beyond incredible, and Mexico was absolutely magnífico, but I’ve had a few first-world fires to put out since my return. I picked up a nasty virus on the plane home that I suspect may have gone bronchial, I have roughly 500 emails staring back at me from my in-box, I’m in the middle of production with both the summer issues of Gift Shop and Stationery Trends … and over the weekend a kind reader alerted me that the recent update to my WordPress theme was not correctly installed!

I think the snafus have been repaired, but if anything looks off, please accept my apologies & give me a shout about it at

What card can be more perfect for this rather overwhelming occasion than this gem from Old Tom Foolery‘s newest Banner Collection? It is so much clever than I feeling now, and all this pithy wisdom & sophisticated charm can be yours for only $4.50 a pop!

Meanwhile, I’ll be wading through emails with the occasional pause for a deep breath or two.

use me

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