“People who love to read love to write, and people who love to write love to read.” Personally, I think no truer words have been spoken — and they are actually the cornerstone of two businesses founded around the same fabulous concept, but delivered in different ways.

Manuscript Journals takes iconic book covers and obscure limited cover editions of classic books, and prints them on textured cover stock using vintage offset printing and high-tensile thread. Spanning all genres and international editions, sometimes the cover art will be instantly recognizable, at other times it is obscure limited run covers printed a long time ago in far away places.

Meanwhile, Manuscript Crate gives you a new set of pocket notebooks each month, with different literary cover art each time. Just like a plot twist you never saw coming, every month will be an awesome surprise. These covers are not available anywhere else but in Manuscript Crate.Be they hard or soft cover, all the journals are lovingly created and beautifully presented. The softcovers have a lovely sewn binding, the hardcovers an elastic band to hold in all those heavy thoughts. Oh, and every one has a handy table of contents for keeping your personal plot line scrolled across the unlined cream pages in order.

Before I go any further, I need to back up a bit. The company’s founder, Andrés, reached out to me with the fascinating backstory of Manuscript’s origins a while back. “Manuscript Journals started a little less than a year ago and has grown very, very fast. We have over 20K followers on Instagram and thousands more on Pinterest and Twitter. We’ve been carried in the record-breaking Owlcrate boxes, and are currently sold in 17 bookshops across the US and several museums and galleries.

“We started this company because we know the lines are blurred between readers and writers. People who love to read love to write, and people who love to write love to read. It was our mission to inspire and connect bookworms, nerds, and artists who always carry notebooks with them with the great authors of the world, whose masterpieces also started as scribbles in small notebooks on their back pockets.”

But the best part of this opus of internet glory? “Since the beginning, we have done zero blog outreach and no paid marketing,” Andrés told me. “Our community has grown organically, by reviews, and word of mouth.”

I apparently am the first and only blogger hearing about Manuscript Crate — how flattering! And, they’re giving away $10 gift cards to subscribers — but there’s only a few dozen left. So, please head over and check it out before they’re all gone! Or, if you find it hard to commit to a title before checking it out for yourself, the Manuscript shop delivers many a spine-tingling edition!

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