The past few years, I’ve skipped the summer shows, but I am so glad I made the trip to Las Vegas Market last week. Seeing so much dazzling stationery and gifts was just the design shot in the arm I needed these dog days of summer.

I found a bunch of new ranges to swoon for as well as a new appreciation for a old favorites. So without further ado, join me on a quick tour of finds from the showrooms and pavilions. But first, a warning for the faint of heart — this post contains some (well-designed) profanity. (Oh, and all shadows, cellophane, bad lighting, etc., is the fault of me and no reflection on the fabulous product!)

First up, Anne McGilvray is a must-visit — and look at this fun find from Footnotes. A must for any word nerd!
(Meat-free) party offerings from Belle & Union were just down the hall!Meanwhile, new designs from Emily McDowell Studio filled a desperate urge I was unaware I was having. Speaking of holiday must-haves, there was plenty of fun neurosis from Sapling Press as well! And I am now 100% obsessed with cool letterpress cards from The Matt Butler. (I had more images, but they were all blurry, I must have been laughing!)Right next to the Matt Butler was The Found, as I’ve said before, I can’t get enough of their contributing artist Laura Szumowski. Finally, if you work in an office (or anywhere without children around), you are going to want some Meriwether in your life! In Pavilion 1, there was a slew of stationery indies. I’m completely smitten with Chez Gagné — letterpress, bright envelopes and snarky sentiments come together into one amazing range. And, they have mugs & candles! Meanwhile, Miks Letterpress showed the best pins ever, presented on sweet little letterpress cards.Finally, stumbling across a favorite range — in this case, Archie’s Press at the American Design Club booth — is like reconnecting unexpectedly with an old friend.

Thanks for joining me on this walk — I’ll be showing more photos from my trip soon!

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