I am gearing up to head to Americasmart on Friday for the weekend, and getting goodies like this in my in-box is just building my anticipation. This new quartet of cards that Jason at J. Falkner shared with me put a fresh spin on gold foil, adding a glimmer of sophisticated shine without going over-the-top. Love the shimmery envelopes too!

“We recognize there’s been a lot of gold foil in the stationery market for a while now, so we really took time to come up with designs that feel special and fresh,” Jason told me. “This series lets the gold foil stamping be the hero, with all the other design elements kept very simple: crisp black type on luxe Mohawk vellum paper. Personally I’m delighted by how these cards actually come alive in your hands: Move them and the stars sparkle, the dots shine in and out, and the thick gold lines cross over the spine onto the back of the card. These are the kind of cards we love to do: a design that is clean and simple, but also fun and delightful.”jf-star-bday jf-dotty-anniversary jf-stripes-bday jf-star-thankyouI can’t wait to see them in person! They’ll be hitting stores soon — I know that Melinda at Lion in the Sun has picked them up, and if she has, other great shops won’t be far behind.

But for now, during show season, they’ll be on display at Daniel Richards in Atlanta and Dallas; Friis & Co. in Seattle; and Mary Hada during the San Francisco market. Meanwhile, you can shop all of J. Falkner’s new card releases here, or find a store herejf-stripes-bday2

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