If you’ve walked gift and trade shows for a while, you’re probably familiar with Paula Skene, who differs from most stationery vendors in that her handmade wares are produced in very limited editions, each made one by one from hand-carved brass dies.

Because no one product of hers is ever around for long, I’ve never gotten to run this line in Stationery Trends — and why would we, when the merchandise has already been snatched up by press time?

Now Paula has introduced a very limited-edition line of holiday ornaments made in Germany, and they make perfect last-minute gifts or touches for your own home. Each is hand-blown and hand-painted, with touches of glitter — really little masterpieces!

Ornament 1 Ornament 2 Ornament 4 2-1526

I think what I love most is that they are the first ornaments I’ve ever come across that are based on holiday card designs, as you can see below. Pair them up for the ultimate gift! The Holly designs are $40, Santa Circling the Globe is $80.

To order, email paulaskene@aol.com or call 510/654-3510.



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