When I was single, I absolutely hated Valentine’s Day — and now that I’ve been married for a dozen-plus years, the most memorable moments for me tend to be the everyday ins and outs of life. This as opposed to going out to dinner on one of the most crowded, chaotic nights of the year with the underlying implication that something is missing from our relationship if we don’t do all this (I will gladly take the flowers though).

So I am loving the new napkins, swizzle sticks and dotted heart balloon from Bundle Design, created with an eye to honoring those too-often overlooked bonds between women. They couldn’t pair better with all-girl celebrations of all stripes, be it a Galentine’s soirée or wedding shower. I always love Christine’s cheerful, cheeky, hand-drawn vibe — and it’s perfectly at home in the pink, gold, black and white palette. Everything is proudly made in the USA, and follow Bundle’s IG feed for a fun upcoming promo — tag your best Galentine to win a set! Or just shop it all here and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

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