Years ago — March 2000 in fact — I read a New Yorker profile of George Meyer written by David Owen. It described Meyer as having “so thoroughly shaped the Simpsons that its comedic sensibility could be viewed as mostly his” — and as such, he makes a fascinating subject.

Meyer hates advertising — “An advertiser will happily make you feel bad about yourself if that will make you buy, say, a Bic pen” — and as being “especially interested in examples of ad copy in which the word-to-falsehood ratio approaches one.” Take Country Crock for example. “‘It’s not from the country; there is no crock,’ he said. ‘Two words, two lies.'”

And that is but one of the many things I love about Offensive+Delightful: its word-to-truth ratio approaches one. Better still, its tagline compliments its admirers: created exclusively for the wicked and the brilliant. Frankly, it’s an underserved market!

Fortunately, Olga Krigman has a wit as searing as her design sensibility is fresh and full of flourish. And if you’re going to NY NOW, be sure to swing by Booth 7657  to see OPLUSD in the wickedly brilliant flesh.

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