I am off to the dentist to get a new filling in a little bit so I can really use some serious humor today to offset my serious fear of that drill. This week’s featured company is Old Tom Foolery, that madcap married duo of Lauren & Joel Gryniewski, who are as adorable in person as their line is refreshing — and always might I add, side-splittingly funny, both in person and print.

They also contribute a column for Stationery Trends called Meet Your Maker, which came about when Joel offered to “write something funny” for me a few years back when I was in his booth at National Stationery Show. (Sidenote: Never make me that offer if you don’t mean it — I may take you up on it!) Their column has been a real asset to our pages as well a reader favorite.

I decided to kick off with a classic from their Footnotes Collection, which you can peruse and purchase to your heart’s content here. In my own correspondence, I’ve always loved asterisks — but I’ve never been as clever with them as these Fools. This collection packs a big punch with very few words — no easy task — and is even letterpressed for that extra touch of je-ne-sais-quoi refinement. For just $4.50, you too can convey the idea that not only are you clever, you’re classy as well!


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