Has Offensive+Delightful lost its edgy edge? While that element certainly hasn’t disappeared from all its offerings, these bright selections from their new Mother’s Day range are definitely the latter, but not the former, and are sure to charm any worthy matriarch.

$4 each. You can see the company’s entire range at O+D’s booth 2040 at National Stationery Show, now a section within Signature Mix Marketplace.


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Weekend Fun

Hallmark unveils a new concept store in Dallas, HMK, where merchandise can be customized on-site via an in-store iPad.

This is probably not the most flattering handmade card for a pregnant lady to receive.

Here’s a neat way to go green for spring — via one’s manicure.

Click through to listen to a fascinating interview with Letters of Note’s Shaun Usher.

And finally, an ABC interview with Paperless Post founder James Hirschfeld. Other than the fact that “stationery” is misspelled on the screen near the beginning, it’s pretty insightful.

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