I’ve switched up the format of Friday Funnies a bit — now I’m going to highlight just one company throughout the day. This week’s focus is MikWright, the brainchild of Tim Mikkelsen (the “Mik”) and Phyllis Wright-Herman (the “Wright”), who became friends in 1985 while working as ticket agents at the Tri Cities airport in Tennessee.

“It’s probably better that we’re gone,” Tim laughed, recalling how they used to tell passengers they’d just waxed the floor and to be careful, then laugh as they tiptoed away. “(Or we’d ask) ‘Window or aisle? Smoking or non-smoking? Catholic or Protestant?’ And they’d answer!”

Instead of entertaining solely themselves in this way, they fortunately decided to entertain us all. Their Southern-fried snark has been focused on their card and gift line for over 20 years now. Here is one of their many hits. It’s $3.50, and you can buy it here  or find a local retailer here. Please stay tuned throughout the day for more gems.MikWright New BD749

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