From Frank is inspired and informed by Kate Smith’s French Bull Dog, Frank the Tank, whose mission in life is to make people smile. Kate is like many dog owners in that she has a habit of talking for her dog  — and really, who doesn’t do that?

What was different in Kate’s case though, is that she didn’t stop there — she put these human/canine insights into a greeting card line, which now includes magnets now as well. The cards I’m highlighting throughout this post are brand-new, currently at the printer in fact, getting ready for their January release.

FFCardFront_FF124_LR FFCardFront_FF122_LR

It’s a very fun range, as you can see — I’ve always rather liked its signature white writing on black punch tape. It’s no wonder that in a few short years, From Frank’s retail clients have grown to include Target, Paper Source and Urban Outfitters. Not bad for a small operation out of Lafayette, Indiana.

This year the menagerie grew to five — now including Walter, Big Louie,  Lulu McFluff and Izzy, the sole feline — with the introduction of the Friends of Frank line. A portion of all proceeds from all card sales is donated to animal charities.

FFCardFront_FF121_LR FFCardFront_FF123_LR


FFCardFront_FF116_LR FFCardFront_FF117_LR FFCardFront_FF118_LR FFCardFront_FF120_LR


The line is not currently sold online — but you can go here to pick your favorite from current offerings.

Kate & Frank kicked off the last month of 2013 in style – being feted by Indianapolis Monthly at its Best of Indy Party after being named to its “Best of Indy” list. The entire list hasn’t been technically revealed yet, but Kate and Frank walked the red carpet (without incident or accident) December 5. From Frank hosted a display booth, with greeting cards available for purchase — and Frank was amenable to signing any. Don’t they look wonderful — congrats to you both!


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