I stumbled across the deliciously offbeat — and simultaneously snarky and sweet — Easy, Tiger of Kansas City, Missouri, at last year’s National Stationery Show. It was rather hard to miss their vintage cigarette machine brilliantly repurposed into a greeting card dispenser. Hard to imagine this — or perhaps you’re too young to remember what these looked like? You can see it here.

Since they are designed to be dispensed via machine, their greeting cards refreshingly diverge from the standard size. At 2 1/2 by 4 7/8 inches, they pop from the start, and feature color printing inside. Just $2.49 each!

ETCardScene1 ETCommonScene


Easy, Tiger also offers a range of journals, like this blah blah blah model. It’s glossy black foil on uncoated black stock, with gridded and perforated pages inside. My favorite part? The spine reads, “I’m not listening.” $17.99.

ETBlahJournalTheir tees are proudly ironic — and their site features a disclaimer about not wearing them to job interviews, so you’ve been warned. $34.99.


Unfortunately those fabulous trophies below are not currently in their store, but that Best At Life print sure is! It’s matte gold foil on a heavy weight, solid black paper and individually numbered. $24.99.

Shop it all here, or you can find a nearby store here. And if you live in Kansas, you probably did not realize how lucky you were — you may be able to buy your cards from one of their machines!


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