Pop culture memories are a part of who we all are, and when those memories are on the campy side, that’s the raw material for truly funny greeting cards. Matthew Buchholz is the proprietor of Alternate Histories, which does just that — tweaks the past so the present becomes funnier, weirder and much more dramatic than it was a moment before. After all, what better way to commemorate a milestone occasion than with a sea monster, zombie or muscled sci-fi hero clad in a form-fitting outfit?

“I like to think that my work remakes and comments on history by incorporating shared pop-culture memories,” Matthew (whom I’m not a bit surprised is a fellow NYU alum) writes on his “About” page. “At times it can seem like there’s no distinction between ‘true’ history and a collective pop history. Science fiction takes this one step further by introducing elements of otherness that we project onto our own social fears and concerns. I’m remaking history … with monsters and robots!”

These two wedding cards come from a larger collection that can be found here. $4, and they’re blank so you have room to really share your thoughts about your friend’s nuptials.


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