I hope everyone is ready for some seriously dangerous eye candy, because I’ve got a real treat for you today. Fox & Fallow’s Dark Romance collection is gorgeous on the surface, but alludes to the darker, powerful forces not just of the earth, but within us all. 
   For example, the beautifully rendered Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant to Drosera and Stylidium attract, trap and kill their prey. Aconitum — “the queen of poisons” — English broom, white snakeroot and poison hemlock are some of the most dangerous flowers in the world, with just a single drop of their venom having fatal consequences. Intoxicatingly gorgeous, yet highly addictive poppies and hallucinogenic foxglove can also be lethal. There’s even some poison ivy to pick from!
   Everything is presented in irresistibly rich tones of wine, violet, lilac and dusty rose, often graced with gold foil for extra allure. Enjoy this range of clipboard packs, notepads, notebooks, cards, notebooks, greeting cards, giftwraps, note sets, journals and sketchbooks — but not too much, you hear?
   All of these heady goodies are made in Australia, and some are only available for pre-order for early July delivery. Well worth the wait in my opinion. Shop them all here, or find a brave stockist here!
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