Subscription services tend to be as interesting as their creator, and Danielle Nelson, owner and creator behind Pretty By Post, is pretty passionate about correspondence! When not running her subscription card service for “paper lovers + people lovers” or her virtual assistant business, she is fiercely loyal to her husband, dog, family, friends & “all paper things.”

Describing herself as “a self-proclaimed paper junkie, Danielle told me, “I’ve always had a HUGE obsession with paper products and I knew that I wanted to create a business around this love/passion.”

That came to the forefront several years back, when she participated in 52 Weeks of Mail, sending one card a week to her friends and family. “I decided to make handmade cards & send out four each month,” she recalled. “The response from my recipients was incredible, and while I really loved the act of creating and making the cards, it was very time consuming and I began to think of how there must be an easier way to send cards and let people know how much you care.”

Enter Pretty by Post, founded with the mission of inspiring #fierceloyalty and bringing back the charm of old school correspondence. “I wanted to provide an easy way to connect with the ones you love that still fits into fast-paced lifestyles. I’m showing that there’s a way to let people know how much you care that is just as convenient as a Facebook message, but ten times more special and intimate!”

Danielle describes curating her 4-5 cards from indie designers for each mailing as her favorite part of the business. Her sources are a solid network of makers, blogs and even Stationery Trends!

Since unveiling the service seven months ago, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve received incredible support and extremely positive feedback. People really love letting us save them time and money by always having cards on hand — no more frantically searching the web or grocery store aisle at the last minute — and being forced to pick something totally tacky or generic. There have been some bumps and learning curves along the way, but I’m super excited for where PbP is going.”

Based on that, Danielle has exciting plans for this year including special collections (no subscriptions required), a preferred partner program, plus quarterly subscriptions. “It’s going to be absolutely amazing and fun!”

Here is a glimpse of Danielle’s fantastic March collection, featuring brilliantly blended selections respectively from Little Arrow (there is an alternate card for this design if desired), Band of Weirdos, Chic + Nawdie and PaperFreckles. All honor the St. Patrick’s Day theme of celebrating the loved ones we are lucky enough to have in our lives.

PbP best 1 PbP bask 1 PbP fab 2 PbP rock 2 PbP ty envBuy it here for $30, and save yourself trips to 10 stores. Oh, and you can follow Danielle on IG, FB or Twitter, & Pinterest. Make sure to mention your #fierceloyalty!

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