Eleven flights in eight days is a record for me, and one that I don’t want to top anytime soon! After gallivanting around the globe, returning home was an absolute pleasure, and how wonderful to find a big stack of letterpress cards from Design Design waiting for me.

While I’d known that the Michigan house of stationery had introduced a letterpress range a few years back, I didn’t realize how exquisite their work was until I was judging the LOUIE Awards earlier this year and saw several of their cards in the letterpress category. Usually I have a pretty good idea who the vendor is, but this time I hadn’t a clue.

I guess I had a preconceived notion that only small, quirky companies did letterpress — but that is not the case here. Don’t get me wrong: Design Design is not a huge conglomerate by any means — it employs about 100 and is found in 3,600 stores in the U.S., Canada and U.K. — but that is big-ish in stationery terms. Regardless, their letterpress offerings are exquisitely executed, with spot-on sentiments and imagery. I’m particularly enamored of their dense, pattern-driven backgrounds as you can see in the third card down. This is no easy letterpress feat!
dd_2 ss-letterpress-11-1 ss-letterpress-5 dd_1 ss-letterpress-1 ss-letterpress-2 ss-letterpress-4 ss-letterpress-10 ss-letterpress-12-1 ss-letterpress-27 ss-letterpress-28 ss-letterpress-25Top notch and top shelf, no? Everything is ‘pressed by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 100% cotton, tree-free paper. Shop the entire colorful, clever range heress-letterpress-11-copy

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