If you live up North, you well know that as the warmer months recede, so too do the sights and scents of summer. I can’t think of a better way to hold onto them then with a bevy of sweetly scented offerings from BloemBox. 

Anyone who’s ever walked High Design in Atlanta’s Americasmart is familiar with the gorgeous offerings from this California vendor. It’s especially well-named as “bloem” is Dutch for flower, so BloemBox = flowerbox!

Their Organic Bouquet Sachets are fabulously giftboxed, so no need to wrap these goodies. Inside are two sheer organza bags filled with organic lavender and rose petals, a delightful blend that serves as a moth repellant for winter woolens.

Choose from several tantalizing (and color-coded) varieties: Organic Cabbage Pink Bouquet Rose & Lavender, Organic Fragrant Apricot Bouquet Rose & Lavender, Organic Mini Blush Bouquet Rose & Lavender, Organic Moonlit White Bouquet Rose & Lavender, Organic Passion Pink Bouquet Rose & Lavender and Organic Ravishing Red Bouquet Rose & Lavender.

BloemBox Cabbage Pink Bouquet Sachet BloemBox Fragrant Apricot Bouquet Sachet BloemBox Mini Blush Bouquet Sachet
BloemBox Passion Pink Bouquet SachetBloemBox Ravishing Red Bouquet Sachet 72 dpi 800 pixelsI received one of the Ravishing Red Bouquet Sachets (shown above) to review, so I can personally attest that they are absolutely gorgeous in person, and the sachets are deliciously aromatic. That variety is a limited item, so get one before they’re all gone! You can shop them here, $40 each.  

BloemBox Organic Bouquet Rose & Lavender Sachet Assortment Arty copy

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