Coloring books and cards for adults have been on trend for a while now — and since they help even the patently unartistic to unwind, destress and hopefully tap into positive childhood memories, they are as beneficial as they are open-ended.

Just as Abbey Johnston, an “escape artist” who flees life’s pressures by coloring. “Coloring allows me to do something but absolutely nothing,” she told me. “It allows me to relax without hurting my liver or causing diabetes. I can spend a night binge coloring and wake up the next day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and guilt-free.”  EscapeArtists_PC3So, Abbey collaborated with a designer friend, Anne Pageau,  on a modern coloring book, Escape Artists — you can see her holding it above.

And, it is the coloring book equivalent of a pair of Stuart Weitzman stilettos. Modern and edgy, it features 36 perforated pages. Notebook-sized for easy portability, it is hard-covered and spiral bound to lay flat.   

LEANING BOOKESCAPE ARTIST LOGO CRAYONS OPEN BOOKI’ve been to painting parties, now I’m guessing that coloring parties will be the next big thing!

EscapeArtists_PC1EscapeArtists_PC2Pre-order one with free shipping — or even several for your next shindig — here for $24 a pop. And if you absolutely cannot wait to get started, you can download five coloring pages for $5 here. They’re also available wholesale.

Oh, and be sure to share your creations with the world via #escapeartistscolor! EscapeArtists_PC4

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