So, I was going to write my usual National Stationery Show (NSS) posts using my floor photos, but this year I started asking exhibitors to just send me photos of their range (as opposed to my circling back post-show with specific image requests), and wow! Paydirt, delivered directly to my in-box! Then I was going to do a general-ish post featuring several exhibitors, but last night I realized I’ve become far too smitten with Forest & Waves for that plan, for now at least.

That is really saying something, for while I love the beach or the occasional hike, I also like not camping. I always thought the comforts of indoor plumbing, electricity and a bug- and dirt-free existence are essential to my happiness, but these carefully crafted and silkscreened finds from this Vancouver house of design are inspiring me to abandon it all for a tiny house or camper and take off in search of new vistas and new adventures.

The range is so cleverly thought out and lovingly created. It encompasses candles, cards, enamelware, brilliant triangular gift tags, invitations, tea towels, patches, postcards, prints, socks and wrapping paper. I’ve reached a whopping 24 images in this post — fingers crossed that WordPress will let me display everything!  Forest & Waves even has product for which 100% of the proceeds benefit the non-profit LBGTQ It Gets Better Project.
Speaking of patches, they’ve got a plethora!
Have an adventure from the comfort of your desk shopping it all here

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