If you haven’t yet stumbled across the delightful world that is Multifolia Atelier, you’re in for a treat! This house of Italian illustration was founded in 2014 by Rita Girola to be more than just “another stationery studio among millions,” she told me.

“I wanted to create items with a soul, I intended to express my belief in beauty, which can truly make a better world. My aim is to produce items that convey emotions: not only greeting cards but small pieces of art to treasure and collect.”

A while back, one of her artists, Rome-based illustrator Marta Pantaleo, emailed a sketch of a violin player to Rita, thinking it might make a nice pattern. “I suggested creating more characters and after a few weeks she came up with a complete pattern of a weird 18th century orchestra. I immediately fell in love with it, so we started working on colors,” Rita recalled.

“We limited all the predictable classic browns and blues: let’s have some pink and green and orange instead! So the Spring Orchestra giftwrap was born and happily went into some European and US stores.”

But, the story of this wrap doesn’t end there. Marta submitted the pattern to The Society of Illustrators, and it ended up going on display in Manhattan late last year.“(This) proves how far hard working can take you, and how important it is to do what you love and to love what you do!” Rita finished.

Meanwhile, Marta has created several captivating holiday card and wrap designs for Multifolio — here’s a peek.Everything is printed on papers that are either FSC-certified, recycled or 100% tree free. Shop it all here!

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