It’s hard to keep up with Eliza of Eliza Gwendalyn. Since she was a Stationery Trends Designer to Watch in 2015, she has been pretty busy: making her TV debut on “Blood Sweat & Heels;” working with corporate clients from Facebook to Birchbox; launching the gorgeous Petunia and Lady Slippers fonts; even providing graphics and calligraphy for the April 2016 nuptials of Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson to NFL player Andrew East.

Now any envelope can be the bearer of Eliza’s artistry, as last week she launched a gorgeous collection for

The company’s individually stamped self-adhesive wax seals are made of real wax produced. If you’re trying to get just that perfect shade of pink, their color guide has 72 wax colors that came together after careful research of current trends. Additionally, they can produce colors by Pantone number within 1-3 days. The below photograph is courtesy of Paper & Poste.Eliza has wisely been very selective about who she collaborates with and what products she puts her name on.  “I believe my brand emulates luxury with a modern twist, an aesthetic that possesses as well, so the minute they reached out to me I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to seek more. These last few months have been such an exciting journey. What I adore most about this collaboration is that they are so open to my creativity and on board for all the crazy concepts I throw their way. We are all in it to show the world the progression of two crafts from the past. Our passions are parallel, which makes everyday fun.”

For the collection, Eliza’s Petunia font was used, as well as custom crests Eliza designed specially for it. “I also adore the colors and the material,” she told me. “It was very hard to pick just a few colors to launch with since they are all so gorgeous.”

These are so much fun — and definitely a must-have for any stationeryista!You’ll find it all here and here ready to shop. And for all you stores looking for something new for your clients, wholesale is available!The above five photographs courtesy of Sandra Manton Mills of

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