Today we have a guest post from Ecojot’s Daniela on an innovation they’ve developed to take paper into the 21st century — so I’ll let her take it away!

Special announcement regarding the use of paper. Ecojot launched their Kickstarter campaign this month to raise funds for the second version of the ecojotCONNECT app.

What does this mean for paper? A whole lot. It’s evolving. ecojotCONNECT is a free app that easily digitizes your handwritten notes when using app-ready stationery.

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Over a year ago, brother-sister team Mark and Carolyn were thinking of ways to bring paper back to life. Six years of servicing the industry has allowed them to see many changes, especially when it comes to the question, “Are people writing anymore?”

That’s when they hit the streets and started asking artists, business people, students, retailers, friends and family if they write on paper. They all said YES!

Version one of the ecojotCONNECT app launched in spring 2014, allowing users to easily digitize their handwritten notes by using ecojot’s app ready journals, sketchbooks and notebooks. With every new app technology, the cost is high and there is so much potential the app can reach with a little help from backers. Not to mention, there are numerous ways for backers to get involved and enjoy the benefits of preordering.


The stationery collection includes app-ready journals, notebooks and sketchbooks, meaning the sheets are specially coded to be recognized by the app. Retail value ranges from $9-$17 and the app is free! Best of all, this stationery line is 100% post-consumer recycled, made in Canada and supports children in need for education.


Thank you so much and all the best for the holidays!


Daniela and everyone here at ecojot!

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