What’s better than a package of paper swag on your doorstep? A package of paper swag sent direct from the U.K.! Meet Emma and Sara, twocertified paper-holic” sisters from Yorkshire who are the driving force behind the lovely Lonetree range. It’s not hard to see why they’re stocked at posh British venues Liberty, Conran and Turner Contemporary.

Their aim is to create cards, wrap and notebooks featuring both unique and intelligent design — and I think you’ll agree that their work achieves just that. Since I try to have a little book on me at all times to jot in, my favorite is their delicately foiled yet surprisingly sturdy Geometric Notebooks. Palm-sized and purse-ready, they are the ultimate little useful luxury for about $4 a pop. Note 5 Pack B_SQ Note_2000_SQ NR Lifestyle_SQMeanwhile their Lace range is just that, pretty organic patterns graced with foil messages. Each design is available in portrait sizes for about $3.85 each. Lace Group 3x Lace with RuleThese designs are also on wrap, little samples of which Emma and Sara sent me as well. It’s not on their site yet, but when it is, it’ll be about $2.85/sheet. Keep checking back!  Blue Wrapped Green Wrapped Grey WrappedAnd for design purists there’s the Straight Up range, foiled messages on matte soft white textured board. I love the gray envelopes — such a refreshing alternative to kraft! About $3.85 each. Straight Up Group SU Happy B Rule SU Hello Rule SU Mr and Mrs Rule SU New Arrival Rule SU Thank You RuleLonetree isn’t in U.S. stores yet (!), so unless you’ll be in London, Scotland or Wales over the spring holidays, their website is your best bet. These goods are very reasonably priced, so buy a bunch to offset the 10-pound (about $14) shipping charge. And, be sure to tell your favorite stateside stationery stockist to get this on their shelves!  Lace Wrap Group 2

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