With Noted just a few weeks off now, I cannot venture any further without paying homage to the wonder that is Dahlia Press — as well as the creative force behind it, Stephanie Clarke. And I’m so happy to report that Stephanie will not only be exhibiting at the inaugural edition of the Brooklyn greeting card show, but will be appearing in some very special programming I’ve been working on for the event.

Bright and somewhat early on the Show’s opening day, May 19, I’ll be giving a trends presentation, New at Noted. Designed to be an introduction to the breadth of design available on the show floor, the 10 am event will definitely be incorporating plenty of Dahlia’s newest spring finery. I am so looking forward to sharing these on the big screen, then seeing these foiled, letterpressed and hand-illustrated beauties in person!

Just a few hours later, at 2, Stephanie will be sitting on my panel called Modern Card Politics: The Women’s Movement. She will join pulchritudinous powerhouses Victoria Venturi of Paper Epiphanies — whose new range is nothing to sneeze at either — as well as Sadie Piller, Director-Merchandising of Paper Source.

We’ll be discussing how card trends are being impacted by this social insurgence — and what are makers and retailers doing to speak to it? While Stephanie’s latest release is more of an exploration of freewheeling color, sentiment and hand-lettering, embracing modern femininity is a cornerstone of her gorgeous work.

In putting together the trends presentation, I’m discovering a lot of new makers, as well as fresh work from old favorites. I haven’t dived deep into everything yet, but it is heartwarming to see so many fresh designers throwing their hats into to the greeting card ring.

Thanks to them and boss houses of paper like Dahlia Press, Noted is shaping up to be *the* stationery event of the spring season. Register here to get started. I hope to see you there!

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