Today is the very first World Stationery Day, and to celebrate, I’ve got something really fun to share that just popped into my in-box late yesterday afternoon.  

After all the excitement of digital photography over the last decade or so — not to mention the recent re-appreciation of watercolors — it is not too surprising to see a return to traditional portraiture. I haven’t seen a more compelling example yet than these super-amazing custom illustrated note cards and calling cards from Golden Fox Goods.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, there’s no better way — and these also make unforgettable gifts as well.

Golden_Fox_Goods_Custom_Chef Golden_Fox_Goods_Custom_Florist_2 Golden_Fox_Goods_Custom_Florricks Golden_Fox_Goods_Custom_Graphic_ArtistPortrait fees start at $95 for a single portrait — you can get as many as SIX, including pets — and then everything is printed on high-end, thick double stock. These are so cute, there’s little better incentive to dash off a quick note or pass along a card!


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