Here’s a really fun item to cross my in-box — Stephannie Barba (now Souffe) launched Couture Maps, the first online site to offer custom illustrated maps, in 2006. Most of her designs are wedding maps, however her maps have also been used for websites, print, promotional items, packaging and retail products.

While Stephannie’s custom invitation and stationery business is still going strong, the overall direction of her business has changed. After dreaming about living on a small island for many years, she moved to Seychelles. There she met her husband and they started a new business together, creating hand printed fabrics.

“This  takes up all of my time and is where my passion is,” she told me. “I have been a full-time illustrator for so long, but it’s time to move on and concentrate on my new venture. We’re even in the process of building a new beach shop for our fabrics!”

So now Stephannie is selling her library of over 400 illustrated map designs of locations around the world — and they’re a great deal for the right person. The sale includes transfer of copyright, with designs available in both original and digital form. Intellectual property such as trademarks and domain names pertaining to the maps are also available. Can be used for products, publishing or private collection.

Take a trip around the world via Stephannie’s beguiling work below. CoutureMapsbyStephannieSouffeJupiterIslandFlorida CoutureMapsbyStephannieSouffeNewporRI CoutureMapsbyStephannieSouffeRavelloItaly CoutureMapsbyStephannieSouffeUSA

So fun, right? Email Stephannie at with any inquiries.

And speaking of globe-trotting, I am off myself for Spring Break tomorrow! The Paper Chronicles will be back the week of March 28. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, all!

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