A heartfelt note can make someone’s day, but this process doesn’t come naturally to most of us unfortunately. Coming to the rescue are two beautifully boxed kits I recently received from Compendium that make sincere correspondence much easier as they make an equally huge impact on the recipient.

Because of You is filled with tri-fold notecards that open to reveal first a spot in a framed section designed to complete that phrase (you can see that area in the lower right hand corner of the image below), and then unfold completely with plenty of room to expand on this. A booklet takes you through the whole process.

It kicks off listing who to consider sending them to — e.g., the sitter who brings you peace of mind, the person whose life is an inspiration, the barista who always makes you smile, the coworker that keeps things moving smoothly. That’s followed by suggestions of verbiage to put in the little frame: Because of you, I didn’t give up. Because of you, my child loves to read. Because of you, the tough times were a little easier. Because of you, my dog was in good hands while I was away. Because of you, I have someone to look up to. That’s followed by pages allowing you to document the details & circumstances of each card sent.


My Wish for You was created along the same lines, but is meant to send a bit of cheer to someone who can use it, or a blessing to someone entering a new chapter of life — a new job, house, baby, etc. The layout of the cards are the same, and again the included booklet is full of suggestions for who to send these to: the coworker whose day needs a little brightening, the traveler who is off on a new adventure, the stranger who deserves a surprise.

And the wishes are great too — a day surrounded by family and friends, one week of good hair days, success in your new venture, as much happiness as you’ve given me, a future that only gets brighter and brighter, a to-do list that completes itself.

There are also ideas to make wishes come true; for example, send with a favorite candy bar, accompanied by a wish for “a sweet reason to smile” or a gift card for a massage, accompanied by a wish for “an hour of complete relaxation.” Again, there’s plenty of inspiration as well as room to document it all in the back of the colorful booklet.My-Wish-For-You-Notecard-Kit_A-Large

Each kit is $14.95 and includes 10 cards and a 28-page booklet — a rather small price to pay for all the gratitude and good wishes you’re putting out there. Thank you so much Compendium for sending these my way! I’m looking forward to seeing all your new wares in person at National Stationery Show, Booth 2646.

I am going to hold onto these to give out to future correspondents in my letter-writing campaign, so you’ll be seeing them up here again!Notecard-kits---both-Large


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