I have been hearing Compendium mentioned more and more often these days as having a lot of exciting releases … and based on what’s been hitting my mailbox lately, I’m inclined to agree. They have a ton of amazing releases for spring, so I’m going to run through a few favorites.

First up are the Motto Journals. As bright as they are compact at 6.25″ high x 4.31″ wide, the journals’ mottos are in gold foil. They feature pretty endpapers, ribbon markers and dots on the pages for any type of writing, drawing or sketching. $9.95 each.

Motto-Trust Crazy Ideas copy Motto-Take Epic Chances copy Motto-Live a Life You Love copy Motto-Hello Beautiful Day copy

I can think of several people who could use the “Love Who You Are” gift book — namely, anyone needing a little encouragement or going through a big transition, be it a graduation, new job or even divorce. The little book is pretty andy stylish enough to make most other gift books look bad.

It features a screen-printed cover (that feels already worn-in and well-loved) and a bright Wibalin binding. Inside, there’s charming illustrations paired with uplifting messages of encouragement (in amazing fonts no less): Begin by loving yourself. Love the tomorrows you’re heading into. Love that you will end up doing more than you can imagine. $9.95.

LoveWhoYouAre-4949-03 copy

Love Who You Are copy

Finally, I love these powerful & gorgeous cards! On Words were created with the idea that the right words at the right time have an amazing power. Display these inspiring and insightful words (printed on super-thick paper) on a desk, pinned to a wall, tied on a package, around a bottle of wine — or send them off change someone’s world in their printed envelopes.

use me!

OnWords-Sample copy

These were just released last month at National Stationery Show, so they’re not even on Compendium’s site yet. So if you want one, look for a store nearby and call to see if they’ve arrived! $3.95 each.

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