Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Although so much great design out there exalts the natural world, our time spent actually enjoying it is decreasing. Fear not, Colorplan’s gorgeous Color Directions No. 4 promotion, Biophilia, is here to remind you of the wonder right beyond your door. Not only does it showcase the range’s exquisite, thick papers, but just like nature, it is free to makers curious about integrating a little Colorplan magic into their wares.

An outer sleeve in Lockwood Green opens to reveal three inner cards, each a glimpse into a wild wonderful little world. The first two, in Racing Green and Mid Green, are laser cut, while the third, in Stone, is blind embossed. The envelope, not shown here, is Mist. All the print is a sleek and smart digital white.Behind the promotion is the idea that 90% of purchasing decisions are made on color alone, underlining the role of color in creating a powerful visual message.

On the inner right-hand page of the Lockwood Green sleeve, Franktil Till expands on the inspiration for this Directions. “We have an inherent connection to the natural world. Research has shown that even a short time spent close to nature can enhance our physical and psychological health, yet we are living increasingly urban and digital lifestyles, further removed from natural habitats. Indeed in the developed world it is suggested we spend around 90% of our time indoors. The recognition of this has led to the development of products and services that tackle the contemporary human condition of ‘nature deficit.’

“The notion that we are at our best when surrounded by nature, or references to nature, is a major consideration for designers of space, product and materials alike. Whether the engineering of verdant spaces in our urban landscape, or the rise of the humble houseplant, biophilic design is starting to take effect. As a result green hues are seeing a resurgence across all product categories. Often associated with growth, freshness and fertility, green is understood to be the most restful color for the eye to view. Lush, tone-on-tone green hues can be applied to provide a healing, therapeutic and refreshing quality to spaces and products, while textural elements that replicate or mimic natural elements provide a rich, indulgent feel.”

So what are you waiting for? Get some Biophilia in your life, for free! Just email me your name and mailing address (US only) at, and Legion Paper, who distributes Colorplan (along with oh, another 2,999+ papers from around the world), will pop one in the mail for you. Quantities are limited, so email me today!

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