Life has been a whirlwind lately for Nhung Le of Chic + Nawdie. Her daughter May recently turned one, she flew 25 hours to Hanoi, Vietnam, for a month-long family visit, and, if her work if feeling familiar to you, it may be because she’s been picking up freelance projects creating illustrations for magazines and brands.

Where does she get all that vim and verve? “As a young mother trying to navigate motherhood and build her career at the same time, I feel incredibly fortunate to have an amazing network of support from my family and fellow mothers in our Park Slope, Brooklyn, neighborhood,” she told me. “I also can’t help but feeling proud and hopeful when I look at all the positive changes that happened to women in the past year: from the Fearless Girl and Wonder Woman, to the Women’s March and the #metoo Movement!”

Nhung’s newest Chic + Nawdie release, then, is inspired by “the amazing women whose strength and beauty have moved us all.” Her new art print collection, The Bold Feminine, is a series of 12 women portraits in colorful gouache. Looking at them, colorful is not quite a strong enough word! There were nine Greek muses, but I think these make a good argument for expanding that number to 12. Filled with personality, they honor the individual quirks that make us who we are — and as such, they’re an utter delight.They’re especially enticing in groups of two or three.Or they create a special spot in any home or workspace all on their own. Either way, it’s hard to buy just one, and at $20 a pop, this is an easy indulgence to afford. Each 8″x10″ Digital art print measures 8″x10″ and is printed on FSC Certified, 100% recycled, uncoated cover paper and is printed in the U.S.A. Get yours here

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