I’d never heard of typewriter art before the Chelleline Geek line was brought to my attention, but now that I know about it, I don’t know how I lived without that knowledge!

The line features typewriter art (ASCII), that is, images created solely using keyboard symbols. “The cards hearken back to the early days of the Internet, when people would create ASCII images on their computers with a black background and neon font,” Chelleline’s Michelle Lin told me. “However, we’ve created a special typewriter font from our Underwood 5, giving the cards an additional vintage twist!”

“The typewriter line is created mostly by my husband, Dmitry Gimon,” she continued, noting that they are the proud owners of eight typewriters. “When we were dating, he would write me e-mails where he’d draw pictures with computer keyboard symbols. He drew one of a giraffe and one of the New York skyline (so) I figured he might be good at this!”

I agree that he’s got a real flair for this!

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Check out the entire collection here. You can also find Chelleline in these fine stationers — and email Michelle via her contact button if you want them in your own shop.

I am off next week to Engage!15 Nizuc in Cancun — I’ll be one of many speakers there, and frankly I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not imagining the whole thing!

TPC will be back the week of the 15th — see you later, lovelies!

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