Cat Pants Studio was started by Sara Gettys with a goal to create cheeky art that marries a love of the Northwest with the sass of the South. The Olympia, Washington, studio is named for (or rather nicknamed for) a gray tabby known as Furdinand Gettys. He proudly contributes to every design, whether it’s by sleeping across the computer keyboard while Sara tries to design, or supervising the office from a perch in the window.

Furdinand has been an especially effective muse of late, judging by the amount of releases! New to this freewheeling, fanciful and very frisky range are a notepad, a mug, and several new cards.

The mug is the first in a series Sara hopes to develop of diner mugs from restaurants you wish existed. Unicorn Kitten Cafe is the first, and with a name like Unicorn Kitten Cafe, you know it’s got to be good!

Shop it all here!

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